A Quick Dive Into SmartCrowd’s Share Transfer Facility

Did you know that SmartCrowd recently concluded its first-ever Share Transfer Facility? With this feature being the first of its kind in the MENA region, we’re incredibly proud of this important milestone and excited for what the future of real estate holds! The share transfer facility on our platform was first launched in August 2022, […]

Here’s How SmartCrowd Is Making Real Estate More Liquid Than Ever

smartcrowd real estate

Who said real estate isn’t liquid enough? SmartCrowd recently launched the MENA region’s very first share transfer facility for trading property shares! This means that investors who wish to exit property investments early can access liquidity more conveniently than ever before. Investors also have the opportunity to purchase property shares from others on the platform […]

How SmartCrowd Selects Properties?

smartcrowd selection process

We’re back with another popular question that we receive time and time again: “How do you select properties?“ You see, the properties that end up on our platform go through a LOT, kind of like getting into medical school. Admissions tests, board examinations, and sleepless nights, our properties aren’t much different. So let’s outline this […]

SmartCrowd’s Strategy for Maximizing Returns

maximum returns - SmartCrowd

Exactly a week ago, SmartCrowd shared a poll on Linkedin asking users to rate which factor influences their decision the most when choosing an investment platform. Almost 80% of them chose “Returns”. To be frank, I wasn’t surprised and you shouldn’t be either. In the end, we all want what brings a bigger bang for […]