Why Invest In Real Estate With SmartCrowd

We enable individuals to access real estate just like the world 1% do through an extremely low entry point. Using empowered technology and with the help of our specialized team, we ensure only the best opportunities are listed on the platform. Our team is constantly working towards improving your overall experience and updating you on the latest trends.

Take a look at some of our valuable features:

  • Our minimum investment requirement, AED 500, is the lowest entry point to Dubai’s real estate
  • You can track the performance of your investments using our interactive dashboard
  • You can diversify your investments across multiple properties to reduce risk.
  • We are regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority
  • The process is entirely digital and hassle-free, so you can invest from
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SmartCrowd is a regulated real estate crowdfunding platform that enables people to grow their wealth by collectively investing in income-generating properties.

Through SmartCrowd, users can reap all the benefits of direct real estate investments (i.e., by owning the properties) and reduce their risk by allocating their capital across a number of properties all through an award-winning digital platform. SmartCrowd makes real estate investing, easy, hassle-free, and less risky for people by allowing people to invest for as low as AED 500 (approximately $140). 

SmartCrowd is registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”). The DFSA is the financial services regulator of the DIFC.

SmartCrowd provides pre-vetted property investment opportunities, transparent data, and gives investors the ability to diversify their real estate portfolios through a secure & regulated real estate investment platform.
  1. SmartCrowd, a regulated platform by Dubai Financial Services Authority.
  2. Members get access to institutional data and market valuations for free.
  3. You can create a diversified real estate portfolio and start earning passive income almost immediately.
  4. SmartCrowd is entirely Digital. You can invest from anywhere in the world and there’s no travelling required.
  5. Low minimum of AED 500 (approx than $140) to invest in a range of different properties.
  6. It’s hassle-free investing. No personal property management required and you don’t need to be a real estate expert (far from it)

It’s free for you to join SmartCrowd. There’s no commitment to invest once you create an account.

However, for compliance reasons if your account is dormant (you have not completed registration and/or have not invested on SmartCrowd), your account may be deleted.

Don’t worry, we’ll notify you in advance to let you know what to do if you want to keep your account!

It’s simple and free!
Register on the SmartCrowd platform and complete the entire process in 5 minutes.

Once you’re registered, browse live properties and invest in those that align with your goals. Top up your digital wallet via a bank transfer and complete your investment. Once the property you invest in gets 100% funded, sit back, relax and watch your wealth grow.