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SmartCrowd’s Strategy for Maximizing Returns

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Exactly a week ago, SmartCrowd shared a poll on Linkedin asking users to rate which factor influences their decision the most when choosing an investment platform. Almost 80% of them chose “Returns”. To be frank, I wasn’t surprised and you shouldn’t be either. In the end, we all want what brings a bigger bang for our buck. But, let’s face it. What are the chances of finding a platform with an actual transparent fee and maximum returns structure? 

After operating for over 3 years in the market, it is safe to say that SmartCrowd is one of the rare, if not the only platform with a maximized returns strategy. Thanks to our specialized team which holds decades of experience in the residential property space, we have developed a streamlined process for selecting investment opportunities with potential yields outperforming the market. 

So, what’s the secret? How do we manage to maintain consistent, exceptional returns?! Is it given our data-driven decisions? Empowered technology? Rigorous screening criteria? Or a combination of them all?! 

Well, it mostly boils down to the selection process. And if you want to dig even deeper, the skill extends to how efficiently one can manage a property. So, in this blog, I will share with you 5 factors we focus on to carefully vet each property and maximize your returns over the long run: 

maximum returns - smartcrowd
Maximized Returns Strategy

1) Targeting lucrative types of properties 

Our team is keen on targeting only the most lucrative ready residential properties in town. How? We rely heavily on data-driven market reports to choose properties that demonstrate favorable yields and a bullish long-term prospects. Among the several criteria we analyze are the level of demand, buyer preferences, affordability, developer’s reputation, and economic outlook. For example, the strong demand for small units in Dubai’s rental market makes it a better investment option. That being said, we make sure that most of the properties listed on the platform are either studios or 1-bedroom apartments. 

2) Choosing the right location

An essential screening factor is the location of the property or as some may refer to it as the “residential community”. Our specialized team narrows down the selection only to areas that typically generate higher returns for investors. Neighborhoods with great amenities, high quality of life, and affordable prices are a great sign. For example, properties in areas like Dubai Marina and JVC always get fully funded quickly. Given their affordability and high vacancy rates, properties there also have good projected cash flow. 

3) Collaborating with credible sources

We work with financial institutions, and property brokers and consult with independent consultants who provide their expertise. Alongside this, we use real-time market data provided by a third party to ensure that our platform markets only quality properties that will provide the best returns. And since we are regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), all our deals as well as activity, are carefully monitored to ensure you are protected no matter what happens.

You can review the extensive details of our screening criteria here

4) Leverage cutting-edge technology

In order to provide you with investment opportunities traditionally reserved for the rich only, SmartCrowd melds together cutting-edge technology and human expertise. So, by relying on powerful digital tools, we manage to turn expensive – but necessary processes — into more affordable ones, especially at scale. You can learn more about how we incorporate our technology here.

5) Sourcing deals to deliver maximum returns

While the real estate industry historically proved to be the most lucrative investment of all time, it is also notorious for having high fees and requiring huge capital. Fortunately, SmartCrowd investors are able to own real estate in the most cost-effective way possible, especially in the MENA region. Essentially, we work directly with reputable real estate developers, handle our own finances, and manage our own deals. Since we eliminate most intermediaries, SmartCrowd succeeds in keeping costs low. 

The Bottom Line

SmartCrowd’s mission is straight and clear. We want to enable more and more individuals to easily invest in real estate. And to make it happen, is keen on optimizing all its strategies to maximize returns for you. Whether by sourcing exclusive deals, leveraging powerful technology, or recruiting the right talent, you are a top priority. So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to build a second income with maximum returns. Head to our platform now and start investing with as little as AED500 only.

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