How Does SmartCrowd Choose the Properties?

SmartCrowd bases its selection process on a 100-point proprietary screening tool to provide users only the best properties. Our specialized team carefully vets the properties available and considers a third-party valuation before setting a score. The higher the score, the more likely a property will be listed on the platform. For this reason, only a small percentage of the properties viewed to end up on the platform.

We evaluate crucial aspects of the property such as area, surrounding development, service charges, building quality, number of amenities, developer, and expected supply. Overall, SmartCrowd does all the work on your behalf. So, you can sit back and relax!

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Each property will have an assigned facility manager. All facility managers are RERA-approved and reviewed by Smart Crowd. 

The investment vehicle will enter into a management agreement via SmartCrowd in its capacity as the administrator of the investment vehicle, which will assign property management to the selected facility manager. 

Facility management fees are typically 3-5% of the gross rent deducted from the rental income. These charges include advertising, managing the property, collecting rents, managing tenants and works with RERA for any issues. This charge excludes VAT, legal expenses and certain costs, such as standard maintenance charges and any repair and maintenance expenses.

Yes. Each property is covered with standard property insurance that ensures your capital is protected against catastrophic damages such as floods or fires.

We work with financial institutions, property brokers, property insures and consult with independent consultants who provide their expertise.

Alongside this, we use real-time market data provided by REIDIN, a reputable leader in real estate market data to ensure that our platform offers only quality properties that will provide healthy returns.

Each property will also have an assigned facility manager. All facility managers are RERA-approved and reviewed by SmartCrowd.

Each service providers evaluated on a periodic basis to ensure optimal service is being provided. We dont receive any remuneration, fee, payment or commission from a real estate agent, property manager, valuer, custodian, or any other person providing a service related to the property.

In some cases , where SmartCrowd will earn fee from Sellers including Developers/Brokers for using the platform to sell properties on; we will disclose sufficient details of the actual or potential conflict to you in order to enable you to take an informed decision as to whether to continue to deal with us notwithstanding the existence of such conflict.

Per DFSA requirement, SmartCrowd is only allowed to list properties that are worth less than USD5 million. Please see the questions regarding investment limits to see yow much you are eligible to invest.