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ALL You Need To Know About The AED500 Investment

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SmartCrowd recently dominated headlines with their new record-breaking investment minimum – AED500. Basically, with just AED500/ $130, you can now own a property in Dubai exclusively via SmartCrowd! Wait, it gets even better… All this can be easily done ONLINE and more importantly, in less than 5 minutes! So, in case you’re wondering what is SmartCrowd? How can you invest in Dubai’s real estate with significantly low amounts? And why is this possible now? All your questions are tackled in this blog.

What is SmartCrowd?

SmartCrowd is MENA’s largest and first regulated* crowdfunding property investing platform. It enables individuals to invest in Dubai’s best properties from anywhere in the world for the lowest entry point ever, starting from AED 500 only! So, regardless of your income level, real estate investing in Dubai is now an open opportunity. In fact, SmartCrowd’s mission is clear as crystal: “We want to make property investments affordable and accessible to everyone”.

For the same price as a: brunch, a pair of new kicks, or even a round of golf, investors can now own a piece of Dubai’s best assets. This is the chance for regular middle-class, hard-working individuals to build wealth and grow, just like the 1% do! You are no longer restricted to investing in only stocks, bonds, or crypto. Thus, with the new AED 500 investment minimum, real estate is now accessible more than ever! You’ve got no more excuses…

But, How is this AED 500 investment possible?

Real estate crowdfunding platforms (REIPs), like SmartCrowd, allow investors to own a share of a property proportionate to their investment amount. Keep in mind – It’s a share that would ultimately earn you income on a monthly basis and could increase in value over time. Simply put, real estate crowdfunding is when you and a group of like-minded people together invest in a property to complete its funding in various percentages.

Furthermore, SmartCrowd ensures only the best opportunities are listed on the platform, including ones in Dubai’s prime areas such as City Walk, Dubai Marina, and JBR. So far, SmartCrowd has assisted over 13000 users and distributed more than AED 1.3 million in dividends. People are truly loving the experience on the platform, which is reflected in the high percentage of repeat investors.

Now, the steps for investing on the platform are pretty easy. All you have to do is head to SmartCrowd:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Select the property
  4. Specify Investment amount , i.e, AED 500, or AED 45000
  5. Refer

To add even more excitement to your investment process, SmartCrowd launched a referral program earlier, SmartRewards, where you get rewarded for inviting your friends to the platform. Once a friend signs up with your unique link, you each earn AED250 in credit.

Significance of lowering the minimum now

With the UAE launching a major economic plan for the next 50 years, offering long-term visas for professionals, succeeding in combating the pandemic, and Expo 2020 coming up, the UAE economy will surely witness accelerating growth. Given the expo launching in October, the global spotlight will now be on Dubai. Without any doubt, this mega event bringing millions of visitors will substantially boost tourism, construction, investments, and the real estate sector.

Interestingly enough, the real estate market in Dubai has recovered faster than other industries in the region. In the first half of 2021, Dubai’s residential property market posted 24.7K transactions, with ready sale transactions making up 61% of the total. Compared to the same period last year, the value of property transactions has increased by 115% from AED 23.6B to AED 50.7B, proving that Dubai is undergoing a dramatic ‘V’ shaped recovery with the property market back in full swing. Check SmartCrowd’s inaugural report to learn more.

Click here to download H1 2021 Dubai Real Estate Market Report

Hence, with all the positive changes happening, SmartCrowd believes this is an opportunity for the restricted to access Dubai’s real estate market. Given the strong appetite for property investments in Dubai and the uptick in demand, now is the time you put your money to work in the most convenient way possible. So, what are you waiting for? Head to our website to hop on your investment journey and take a piece of Dubai with you after visiting. Just remember it’s as affordable as your Friday brunch! We bet you wouldn’t want to miss out!

AED 500 investment - smartcrowd

*Disclaimer: SmartCrowd is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.*

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