Introducing our NEW & IMPROVED Smart Rewards program

Investing with the region’s most affordable real estate platform  just got a lot more rewarding

How it works

Earn rewards and share them with your friends


1. Register and complete your account on SmartCrowd. Login, browse properties and discover the endless possibilities.


2. Click on "Refer a friend" and share your unique referral link via WhatsApp, email, or your method of choice.


3. Convince your friends to invest with SmartCrowd (it always helps if you're investing with SmartCrowd yourself).


4. Earn AED 250 for EVERY friend that registers and give them AED 250 towards their first investment (It's a win-win)!


5. Use your rewards to discount future investments or save up to make investments purely off your Smart Rewards balance!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1 Smart Reward credit = 1 AED. 

Your Smart Rewards will be credited to your Smart Rewards balance found on your unique “refer a friend” page or within the Smart Rewards balance in your wallet on the SmartCrowd platform.

No! Although, it certainly helps. As long as you are a registered user on the platform and have completed sign-up, you are eligible to earn rewards when your friends sign-up and complete their registration too! Make sure that your friends complete their registration by submitting all the necessary documents for account approval. Only complete accounts are eligible to earn Smart Rewards for you. 

Smart Rewards are credited to your account when your friend’s account is registered and approved by the SmartCrowd team. Provided your friend has submitted his/her documents to complete their profile, they’ll receive 250 Smart Rewards when their account is approved and you’ll receive AED 250 in credit too! This typically takes anywhere between 24-48 hours after they’ve completed their profile.

We have a sophisticated tracking system that allows us to reward you for bringing in your friends. However, the only way we can credit you with Smart Rewards is if your friend originally clicks on the link that you send him/her from your dashboard. If your friend clicks on your link to sign-up and decides to complete his/her registration process later, you will still receive credit as long as it is within 60 days from the date he/she originally clicked your unique link. Unfortunately, if your friend never clicks on the unique referral link that is yours, it is impossible for us to ascertain whether that friend joined the platform through you. Make sure your friend clicks your link! (even if they end up completing their process later within 60 days).

You can redeem your Smart Rewards towards any future property investment of your choice. At the time of investment, simply enter the amount of Smart Rewards you would like to use from your credit and get an instant discount on your investment!

Referees (i.e., the friends you refer) have 30 days to use their Smart Rewards balance from the day their account is approved or else they’ll get expired. Referrers (i.e., that is, the original person referring someone)  can use rewards whenever they want and can even save up Smart Rewards. 

Smart Rewards are loyalty rewards that can be used in lieu of cash for investments on the platform. However, the rewards cannot be withdrawn for cash or cash equivalents. The best thing to do is to earn enough rewards to make an investment that will pay you multiple dividends for as long as you choose! Why take out credit once, when you can earn cash from your loyalty points and own a tangible asset? 

When your friend signs up using your unique referral link, he/she will automatically receive 250 Smart Rewards that can be used towards his/her first investment.

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Terms & Conditions for Smart Rewards Referral Program

    • When a Referee (new user) opens and completes his or her account with SmartCrowd after joining using a Referrer’s (an existing SmartCrowd user) unique referral link, the Referrer is entitled to AED 250 in credit.
    • A complete account is one in which the user has completed and submitted all required information, including documents to meet KYC standards.
    • Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalents and can only be applied to investment properties listed on SmartCrowd’s real estate investment platform, either partially or entirely. If the Referrer chooses to redeem, he or she can accumulate credit in order to save up rewards to be used at a later point in time towards his/her investments.
    • The Referrer may invite as many Referees as he/she wishes to earn Referral credit. The Referrer can only earn a maximum of AED 250 per unique referee he/she invites. There is no cap on the total amount a Referrer can earn (e.g., if Referrer invites 10 friends who sign up to become fully registered users on SmartCrowd, he/she will earn AED 2,500 in credit), with exception to the fact that if an individual is determined by SmartCrowd to unfairly misuse, abuse, or “game” the referral program. In such instance, SmartCrowd will provide written notice to the Referrer and may, in extreme circumstances bar the user from participating in the referral program. Behaviour that constitutes misuse or abuse may be deemed as: inviting family members or friends who live in the same place of residence, creating fake alias’, and other unethical “gaming” activities that may rise suspicion as determined solely by SmartCrowd.
    • Referral credit is only credited to the Referrer when the Referee’s account is approved and fully complete.
    • The Referee (a new User) is entitled to AED 250 in credit which he/she may use towards his/her first investment on SmartCrowd when he/she signs up using the Referrer’s unique referral link. The initial reward of AED 250 credited to the Referee is only valid for 30 days from the time of signup completion.
    • Referral rewards cannot be combined with other promotions offered through SmartCrowd.
    • Members of the same household sharing the same residential address cannot invite each other. 
    • SmartCrowd may, at any time, and at its sole discretion, modify these Terms & Conditions without prior notice to Users. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of SmartCrowd’s service(s) following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of any modified terms in the future.