SmartCrowd's 2021 Real Estate Market Report

Your comprehensive guide to the Dubai residential property market for 2021

A Closer Look at Dubai’s Real Estate

SmartCrowd’s 2021 Annual Property Market Report

Our Take on 2021's Property Market

The Dubai Property Market witnessed a record-high annual growth rate in 2021, indicative of its strong post-pandemic rebound. With even more opportunity for growth in 2022, SmartCrowd’s 2021 Annual Market Report highlights key findings, emerging trends, and future prospects observed over the past year.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, SmartCrowd invites you to explore the data and trends powering the Dubai residential real estate market with our 2021 Annual Property Market review.

2021 has been a landmark year for not only the Dubai property market but for the UAE as a whole. Considering we were in the midst of a global pandemic not too long ago, the findings illustrate that the Dubai real estate sector has rebounded strongly over the past year, climbing heights not seen since the previous bull market in 2014.

Successful vaccination programs, visa reforms, and new business ownership policies, amongst other changes, have made 2020 figures a distant memory, completely transforming what was thought to be economic doom into a market boom.

Still on the road to recovery, 2021 has nevertheless been a period of extraordinary growth, and one of the most compelling years for Dubai in recent real estate history. Our incisive annual property market report aims to provide you with analytical insights into Dubai’s real estate to help you make informed investment decisions.

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding is Fuelling Property Market Growth

Crowdfunding properties can help to further stimulate the market and support developers with their sales efforts. Investor sentiment is returning, and personal finances are beginning to recover too. While investing in an entire property in Dubai might still be out of reach for some, investment via crowdfunding allows people to take a fraction of a property from as little as AED 500. Crowdfunding in real estate is exponentially gaining momentum and has the potential to be a major catalyst for growth in the region’s property market.