Dubai Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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Imagine you had invested in Dubai real estate after the Global Financial crisis in 2011 when prices had rapidly decreased. Since then the prices rebounded and peaked in 2014 and in many places the prices are still above the 2011 market. More importantly in the last 9 years, you would have earned attractive yields and if you were a foreign investor, you would made even better returns when you factor the strength of USD/AED.
A similar opportunity is being presented to you now. The question is are you going to take advantage of it. You might not have AED 1 million to buy a townhome, but you can certainly participate in the one on the SmartCrowd platform with as little as AED 5,000.

SmartCrowd, the MENA Region’s Only Award-Winning Real Estate Platform

SmartCrowd Limited, an award-winning Dubai-based company and MENA’s first financially regulated real estate investments platform (REIP) is disrupting the real estate investment world by making it affordable and transparent for all. The company is regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the independent regulator of financial services based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Should I Rent or Buy Property?

First, you should focus on is your personal needs. If you are looking for a ‘forever home’ then buying makes sense. But if you are not sure about your long-term plans – even without looking at the numbers – renting makes more sense as it provides you with a lot of flexibility, especially with the current macro environment and uncertainty.  

Investing in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

You’ve trusted us in finding you great investments in Dubai and we try not to disappoint. Now we have a few properties that got us excited. We have found 3 great properties in the JVC area that bring in 8%+ net returns. Here is why that matters:  So why JVC? JVC has been one of the best performing […]

Education = Success: Fad or fact?

Change is the end result of– Leo Buscaglia Recent studies have shown that a larger percentage of individuals are pursuing higher education compared to the past. With this being the case, you would think that people would be increasing their financial literacy as well. Today, we discuss whether “Education = Success” is a fad or a […]