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SmartCrowd Vs. Other Crowdfunding Platforms: Which is better for you?

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Choosing the right real estate crowdfunding platform is key to pursuing a successful investment journey. While real estate crowdfunding platforms gained huge popularity in the West, the MENA region still lacked such an innovative presence. About three years ago, SmartCrowd founders saw a massive opportunity for presenting a simpler and smarter way to access real estate in the UAE. Although SmartCrowd isn’t currently the only crowdfunding platform in the region, it surely is the largest.

With few options available in the market, the differences begin to emerge when looking more closely at the foundation of the business. Particularly, how SmartCrowd increases accessibility to the real estate sector, in comparison to other real estate crowdfunding platforms, lead it to become the award-winning platform it is today.

So, what’s the secret behind SmartCrowd’s accelerating growth? How does SmartCrowd stand out in the market and what makes it different from other crowdfunding platforms in the region? The right answer isn’t a short one. It is a combination of four key aspects instrumental to SmartCrowd’s success:

  1. Decades of Experience
  2. Excellent Client Service
  3. Transparent Fee Structure
  4. Diversified Investment Opportunities

Decades of Experience

SmartCrowd demonstrates an impressive track record for over 3 years and constitutes a diverse mix of dedicated professionals. More closely, our property acquisition team members hold decades’ worth of experience in the real estate industry, especially in Dubai. You can rest assured that a specialized team is handling the entire process on your behalf and in the most efficient way possible, which explains why our investments have consistently outperformed the market. In fact, SmartCrowd is the first and largest real estate crowdfunding platform in the UAE – making it a highly targeted and reputable institution. So, the only question you should be asking yourself is: would you go for an experienced REIP vs a newly launched platform with no successful historical track record?

Excellent Client Service

Apart from allocating experienced professionals, we are keen on providing our investors with the ultimate client experience. For several years, product alone used to be king, but not anymore. Nowadays, in our digital era, user experience matters the most, sometimes even more than the product itself. Unlike other platforms, SmartCrowd ensures users undergo a smooth process at every stage, starting from registration until receiving dividends. Our client relations team is always ready to assist you at any time and at no cost. The SmartCrowd team is well-trained to guide you on building the right portfolio for achieving your target! 

We know how hard you work to earn that money, so we want to make sure you have it put in the right place and that you fully understand the risks and regulations associated with any of our investments. More importantly, we continuously enlighten you on the latest market trends and updates. Overall, our passionate persistence to improve client experience and provide only the best opportunities is reflected in more than 60% of investors coming back to invest again. If that’s not a compelling reason, then seriously, what is?!

Have a look at what our clients had to say about us here.

Transparent Fee Structure

SmartCrowd has a very simple and transparent fee structure that aligns your goals to ours. We don’t believe in hidden costs, so the returns you see on our platform are the returns you get. Similar to other REIPs, our fees are broken down into three components: platform-based, administration, and selling. However, when it comes to the third component, there is a crucial aspect that makes us stand out… big time! While other competitors charge a hefty fee of over 10% when selling a property, we don’t take anything at all. SmartCrowd makes sure all fees are as client-friendly as possible!

Diversified Investment Opportunities

Many people fall for the same mistake of investing emotionally rather than rationally. It’s important you view the property as an investment opportunity and not as a dream house. As much as it’s tempting to consider prime properties only, you need to broaden your options. Every micro-market performs differently and portrays different trends, so concentrating on a few isn’t the ideal thing to do. For this reason, unlike other real estate crowdfunding platforms, we look for promising opportunities all across Dubai. Moreover, we carefully vet each property available in the market and only list the ones that pass our screening criteria – which we believe serve as the most profitable investments. Since we aim to unleash your wealth potential, we offer great investment deals that not only happen to be in the best areas but also have significantly higher net yields than the market.

SmartCrowd doesn’t limit users to a single category of properties. For example, a lot of people look to rent in JVC, which makes it one of the best areas in Dubai for property investing. So, we make sure properties as such, easily serving you a secondary income, are listed on our platform. Whether it’s a holiday home or a long-term rental contract in various top-performing areas, we give you the flexibility to choose what suits you the most.

A core mission for SmartCrowd is to enable individuals to build a diversified portfolio with the lowest market entry, being AED 500 only. In contrast, other real estate crowdfunding platforms only list properties in prime areas and have higher minimum investment requirements starting from AED 2000 which vary depending on the property’s value, and could possibly go as high as AED 10,000. On the other hand, we have a fixed investment minimum to make it accessible for everyone.

Key Takeaway on SmartCrowd

It is no secret that SmartCrowd is excelling in the aspects that are key for any real estate investment platform’s success. It’s simple. We put you at the heart of everything we do. When you’re a hard worker and passionate about making change, success will immediately follow. The average investor should no longer be ignored and hopefully, with more people joining this unique investment journey, change will come! Now that you learned about all SmartCrowd’s unique attributes, it’s up to you to decide which real estate crowdfunding platform is best for you.

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