4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Finances From Inflation

protect against inflation

Believe it or not, monsters under the bed have got nothing on raging inflation! Like the true beast it is, inflation lowers the standard of living, eats into your earnings, and reduces the purchasing power of your hard-earned money. At present, UAE residents are certainly feeling the pinch of the global cost-of-living crisis as fuel […]

Inflation Proof Your Portfolio – The Elon Musk Way

Inflation Proof The Elon Musk Way

Is it considered a normal day if we don’t see the word ‘inflation’, and its effects of it, plastered all over our social media and news outlets? From the rising costs of a gallon of gas to your usual grocery shop, inflation is through the roof. As a result, consumer behavior is shifting right before […]

Inflation Vs. Dubai Real Estate: A Clear Winner

inflation vs dubai real estate

As inflation sweeps the globe, you’re probably wondering what impact it has on the real estate market. Truth is, hardly any sector has remained untouched as inflation surges to its highest points in decades, increasing the price of pretty much everything, from fuel to groceries. According to Emirates NBD, inflation is projected to reach up […]

What Does Inflation Mean For Real Estate Investors?

inflation - smartcrowd

Most people have a broad understanding of inflation. Yes, we all know it increases the price of a pint of milk or a loaf of bread, but in reality, inflation affects a lot more than just your grocery bill.  With a surge in inflation disrupting the global economy, as a prudent investor, you’re probably wondering […]