Is the Metaverse the Future of Real Estate Investing?

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Ever since Facebook pivoted to virtual social reality via the blockchain-powered metaverse following its rebrand to “Meta” earlier this year, tech and fintech companies have been scrambling to become pioneers in the virtual space. While Microsoft had announced their own metaverse for Microsoft Teams months prior, Facebook looks to build a massive, interconnected experience for […]

Crypto Vs. Real Estate: Which is a better investment?

Without any doubt, the real estate and crypto market has been on major spotlight in year 2021. With both markets heating up, a lot of skepticims and concerns rise along. It’s possible to become filthy rich investing in cryptocurrency yet lose everything instantly if you invest irrationally. On the other hand, for a long time, […]

How SmartCrowd Makes Real Estate Investing Easier

Real Estate is the oldest and largest asset class in human history. You’d think it would be the most advanced asset class of all but for far too long, it’s been stuck in the dark ages. Traditionally, you need huge capital to afford the property itself and to cover its huge purchase costs. Not only […]