Dubai Bling: Empowering Women To Invest In Real Estate

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Without a doubt, Dubai Bling is currently THE Talk Of The Town. Between the quasi-orchestrated drama and relentless stereotypes in the form of luxury cars, cutting-edge designer outfits, lavish homes, and the like, there are indeed some hidden gems (no pun intended) in the form of female empowerment. As unexpected as it may seem, in […]

5 Things Millennials In The UAE Overspend On

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The older generation typically describes us millennials in the… “kindest ways”: lazy, entitled, avocado-loving, latte-addicted, online shopaholics… and that’s only the abridged version.  Millennials might spend money on more frivolous things, but we’re actually way more useful than you think. Did you know that we’re inventors? Avocado toast and selfies didn’t just happen, you know!  […]

Is the Metaverse the Future of Real Estate Investing?

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Ever since Facebook pivoted to virtual social reality via the blockchain-powered metaverse following its rebrand to “Meta” earlier this year, tech and fintech companies have been scrambling to become pioneers in the virtual space. While Microsoft had announced their own metaverse for Microsoft Teams months prior, Facebook looks to build a massive, interconnected experience for […]