5 Tips To Overcome Your Emotional Spending

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We all have our bad days, right? You know, those days where you feel quite down, so you have an entire 16-inch pizza to yourself, or those days where you’re convinced that a little, or not-so-little, retail therapy will fix everything. Then again, we also have our good days, where you celebrate a certain milestone, […]

5 Things Millennials In The UAE Overspend On

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The older generation typically describes us millennials in the… “kindest ways”: lazy, entitled, avocado-loving, latte-addicted, online shopaholics… and that’s only the abridged version.  Millennials might spend money on more frivolous things, but we’re actually way more useful than you think. Did you know that we’re inventors? Avocado toast and selfies didn’t just happen, you know!  […]