EUR-USD At Parity: What Happened And What’s Next?

eur-usd at parity

For the first time in two decades, the euro has crossed a major threshold: parity with the US dollar. The two currencies touched a 1-to-1 exchange rate after the euro briefly dipped below parity against the dollar on Wednesday, meaning that they now have the same worth. Though the euro started the year on a […]

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Finances From Inflation

protect against inflation

Believe it or not, monsters under the bed have got nothing on raging inflation! Like the true beast it is, inflation lowers the standard of living, eats into your earnings, and reduces the purchasing power of your hard-earned money. At present, UAE residents are certainly feeling the pinch of the global cost-of-living crisis as fuel […]

How Much Do You Really Need To Start Property Investing?

investment amount - smartcrowd

The biggest barrier for those starting out in real estate investment is simple: money. But it’s not just finding and obtaining the funds needed to buy a property. Rather, many first-time investors struggle to figure out the amount of money they need to invest in order to generate a healthy return. Now, knowing the amount […]

5 Things Millennials In The UAE Overspend On

uae millennials - smartcrowd

The older generation typically describes us millennials in the… “kindest ways”: lazy, entitled, avocado-loving, latte-addicted, online shopaholics… and that’s only the abridged version.  Millennials might spend money on more frivolous things, but we’re actually way more useful than you think. Did you know that we’re inventors? Avocado toast and selfies didn’t just happen, you know!  […]

4 Ways to Effectively Budget in 2021

budgeting - smartcrowd

According to a study by HSBC, about 75% of the UAE population is unhappy with their savings. That’s way too many people. The reason behind this is lacking an effective budget plan. So, to help you better understand the dynamics, we will look at how to tackle budgeting and spending to get you on track […]