6 Tips To Manage Your Money Right

money management

Are you confident in managing your money, or do you face difficulty planning how to spend and save your income? If it’s the latter, you’re certainly not alone! In fact, according to a US survey, 58% of people feel that finances control their lives, from paying bills on time to building up savings. Luckily, it’s […]

5 Tips To Overcome Your Emotional Spending

emotional investing - smartcrowd

We all have our bad days, right? You know, those days where you feel quite down, so you have an entire 16-inch pizza to yourself, or those days where you’re convinced that a little, or not-so-little, retail therapy will fix everything. Then again, we also have our good days, where you celebrate a certain milestone, […]

How Does Compounding Help You Make More Money?

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When people think of the phrase “make your money work for you”, they think it’s as simple as making a couple of investments and spend the returns on whatever they want. That’s fair. At the end of the day, your investments are meant for your consumption – whether it’s to spend or save.  However, you wouldn’t […]

5 Signs You are Ready to Start Investing

Everyone reaches a point in their life when they start asking themselves: when is the right time to start investing? When should I start investing my savings?  When should I start looking at real estate investments? The answer is obvious.  Yesterday!  Truth be told, the sooner you hop on this journey, the more rewarding it […]