How Will Omicron Affect The Holiday Home Market in 2022?

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai has remained one of the top tourist destinations in the world thanks to a successful vaccination drive, open borders, and the feeling of normalcy in the emirate – relative to the rest of the world where lockdowns are still common practice. Because of this, Dubai’s holiday home market has started […]

Why Tourists Stay in Dubai Marina Holiday Homes

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There are very few places in the world that personify luxury and leisure. Dubai is quite obviously near, if not the top, of that list. Tourists from around the world arrive in the ‘City of Gold’ every day to experience the glitz and glamour the city promises – and leave completely satisfied.  One of the […]

Short-Term Vs Long-Term Rental Investing

Many tend to assume that real estate investment is a long-term game – and yes, it is when it comes to your investment horizons. However, many investors today still believe that rental contracts must also be on a long-term basis i.e. bringing in tenants on a year or multi-year long lease and generate rental income […]