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Getting Rich Quick: Viable Concept or Alluring Myth?

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We all have dreams of getting rich quickly, right? It’s a common aspiration that we all share – getting rich by, ideally, doing absolutely nothing. That way, all our problems would vanish into thin air and everything would be perfect.

Truth is, getting rich quickly is like losing 25 kilograms in a day – it certainly won’t happen overnight. Well, not for the majority of us, anyway. Indeed, there is no secret sauce or magic formula to finding yourself atop a giant mountain of money. It takes a lot more than just signing up for yet another get-rich-quick scheme.

So, with the prevalence of such schemes, is there really such a thing as getting rich quickly? Is it a viable concept… or just an alluring myth?

Here, we address the problem with get-rich-quick schemes and explain why they’re not feasible to make money. Instead, if you want a more reasonable way to build wealth, we’ll let you in on the REAL way to do it! 😉

Hold On…

Transparency is key on our platform, so we want to be completely honest. Though we may not like admitting this, there ARE actually ways to get rich quick, such as:

  • Winning millions in the lottery
  • Being reincarnated as part of a wealthy family i.e. Walton’s, Johnson’s
  • Marrying rich (it’s not gold-digging, the game is just the game!)
  • Winning a massive lawsuit or insurance claim
  • Investing in a stock where the price goes through the ozone layer in a couple of years’ time

Sound ridiculous yet? Sure, getting rich quickly is theoretically possible, otherwise, no one on earth would play the lottery! However, in such cases, long-term wealth is never guaranteed, as getting rich quickly doesn’t equal staying rich. In fact, the above ways come down to one thing – luck.

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<em>When youre born into wealth<em>

The Problem With Getting Rich Quick:

Now, one of the main issues with the concept of getting rich quickly is how unrealistic the whole idea is. Get-rich-quick schemes, in particular, only prey on those who are struggling financially when, in reality, there are arguably no solid tactics to get rich in an instant.

Such schemes hold no long-term value and do not present sustainable paths to creating wealth. Sure, you could get lucky, but you’re more likely to lose money over time – especially if you don’t have a financial plan in place to manage your sudden wealth.

Getting Rich Quick – The Alluring Myth:

When we look around us, it seems as if wealth is everywhere nowadays. This is especially true today when there are more self-made millionaires and overnight success stories than ever before. Not to mention that feeling when you log in to any social media platform, and you’re immediately sucked into a world of palatial homes, luxury cars, designer handbags, and exotic 7-star getaways. And who can deny this allure that catches our attention on a daily basis?

Indeed, with so many rich people, there must be some way to acquire wealth quickly, right? Well, not so quite. While such surroundings reinforce the notion that getting rich quick is a viable concept, appearances can be rather deceiving. You see, when we come across wealthy people, we only see their current life from a bird’s eye view. Our own imaginations add to that allure by connecting the dots and coming up with the most fascinating, and rather untrue, stories of how perfect this rich person’s life is.

We don’t see the journey that got them there – the sacrifices, the struggles, and, frankly, the failures. The only part we see is the end result, which never happens at the speed you expect it to. Again, everything is not what it seems. For starters, credit can do wonders, enabling people to look rich quickly, at least for a while. The allure of fast, easy money, however, is simply a façade that can lead you down the wrong path to building wealth.

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<em>Looks can be deceiving<em>

A Better Chance At Wealth

You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race. Unfortunately, when you’re looking for money in a small amount of time, it’s easy to fall into the trap. Instead, look for better ways to make money. Besides educating yourself, improving your skill set, saving, budgeting, and spending intentionally, you can focus on building long-term wealth by investing.

Investing is one of the easiest ways to grow the money you’ve saved. The sooner you start, the quicker you will build your wealth. You can also spread your risk and diversify your investments by putting your money into stocks, bonds, and real estate – the latter of which is a less volatile investment. One such way of investing in real estate is through real estate investing platforms (REIPs).

What’s great about REIPs, like SmartCrowd, for example, is that you don’t need to have a huge amount of capital at hand, and can invest in prime Dubai properties from AED500 only! By investing consistently and compounding your returns, you’ll be on the path to building wealth – the smart way.

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<em>With time and patience you too can make it rain<em>

The Bottom Line

So the question is, do dreams come true? Perhaps they do – if you’re lucky enough. But on a more sensible, pragmatic note, getting rich quick is simply an alluring myth. No one really gets rich quickly. Not without putting in the time, effort, or a great deal of thought!

Get-rich-quick schemes seem pretty easy, but more often than not, they’re too good to be true. And you most definitely don’t want a quick fix when it comes to your finances.

All wealth creation needs is some focus and dedication. This is how you get rich. You simply add and accumulate. Indeed, the biggest rewards happen over the long term, not overnight. Remember, your financial security starts with you. So, by making the right decisions, you’ll be on your path to building long-term wealth.

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