5 Tips To Overcome Your Emotional Spending

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We all have our bad days, right? You know, those days where you feel quite down, so you have an entire 16-inch pizza to yourself, or those days where you’re convinced that a little, or not-so-little, retail therapy will fix everything. Then again, we also have our good days, where you celebrate a certain milestone, […]

SmartCrowd Records First Exit With Market-Beating Returns

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SmartCrowd, MENA’s first and largest real estate crowdfunding platform, delivers 39.25% total returns to investors on the recently sold Dubai Marina property over a 17-month period, outperforming the market. By selecting properties poised for long-term growth in an otherwise volatile market, SmartCrowd provides an excellent opportunity to diversify with real estate investments. SmartCrowd has delivered […]