Here's the recording to our last webinar on 20th April: Should You Mortgage Your Investment?

What we covered in our session:

This webinar was presented by Siddiq Farid, Co-founder and CEO of SmartCrowd who is a qualified Chartered Accountant, CFA holder, and experienced real estate investor.

In this webinar Siddiq shared his story about how he started his own investment property portfolio before the age of 20, and the lessons he learned along the way. He also teaches why setting up your property investment goals from day 1 are so important. For example, does cashflow matter or do you only care about building equity? Should it be one or the other? Or can you have both? Watch this webinar to answer these questions and the pressing question on most real estate investors’ minds, “When does it make sense to mortgage an investment property?”

You can also download the Excel model Siddiq used in this session to help you in your next real estate deal! Forward to 1:11 of the video below to see Siddiq Farid run through the model and download your own copy below the video today. 

Download your free excel model here!