Here's a PRIME property you don't want to miss...

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The Springs investment property is now LIVE on SmartCrowd. 

We don’t usually create a whole page dedicated for a single property, but we had to for this one because there’s a lot to love about this townhouse.

Don’t prefer to read? Watch the video and skim the points below to know all that you need to know.

The facts:

  • The Springs investment property is the highest value property listed to date on SmartCrowd at AED 1.55m.
  • Rented until 28 February, 2021 at a net return of 6.5% per year!
  • The property is a townhouse which means that service charges are much lower compared to apartments.
  • Similar properties are fetching up to AED 2m, making this prime property a bargain at the current price.
  • Corner unit in a townhouse is always a more attractive proposition (i.e., more room and more overall “garden space”).

The potential:

  • The current rental income for this unit is on the lower end of the market, which means that there is room to renegotiate a higher rent at the time of renewal. Similar units are fetching rental income up to AED 150,000 compared to this unit at AED 110,000 currently.
  • This unit has fantastic potential to increase in value in the short to mid-term through minor upgrades. Other similar properties with upgrades are valued much, much higher. By investing in this property, investors can pledge to upgrade the unit which can almost instantly increase the value of the property (think “renovations”).
  • Despite declining prices, The Springs has fared well in terms of preserving capital  compared to the overall market (yes, prices have declined in The Springs too, but at a much lower rate).
  • However by holding this unit for a few years, this property has the potential to increase in value over the long-term because of demand and its strategic location. 
And the best part? 

You get to create a diversified investment portfolio with income generating, balanced, and prime properties all for as low as AED 500. 

What are you waiting for? Invest and start earning and increasing your wealth today.