investment types and property categorizations on SmartCrowd

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investment types and property categorizations on SmartCrowd

A Guide To Your Real Estate Investment Options.

Investing in real estate is the ultimate way to diversify your overall investment portfolio, manage your risk and enhance your returns, as suggested by empirical studies.
But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! That’s why it’s important to understand the different types of property investments available, so you can make informed decisions, better allocate your capital and maximize your returns.
At SmartCrowd, we offer two distinct real estate investment options – HOLD and FLIP. Each option is designed with you in mind, offering tailored approaches to investing in properties that align with your specific investment goals and risk profiles.

Build Long-Term Wealth

With Hold

Enjoy Quick ROI

With Flip


Build Long-Term Wealth with Hold.

HOLD is a long-term investment strategy where investors buy properties with the intention of holding onto them for a period of time. These projects are designed for investors looking for stability and passive income.

Our HOLD investment offering is divided into four strategies, each of which caters to different investment goals and risk profiles:

Our income-generating properties are economical buildings located in sought-after areas such as JVC, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and SIMPZ. With smaller ticket sizes ranging from AED 250k-450k, these assets offer quick funding and early returns that are generally above overall market returns. The focus here is to maximize cash yield through income generation, with the majority of returns expected from rental returns.

What you should consider: These assets may also come with a sub-standard quality of tenants, high maintenance costs, and limited capital gains potential.

Our balanced assets are good-quality buildings located in areas like JVC, JLT, and the Greens, and also come at lower price points (AED 450k-800k). These properties are developed by renowned developers, ensuring both high asset quality and robust potential for significant capital gains. The target here is to achieve the minimum market yields while focusing on good quality assets that will also appreciate over time. This ensures returns are achieved from both income and capital appreciation.

What you should consider: They are usually susceptible to high supply dynamics that could reduce rental potential in some cases.

Growth assets are prime properties situated in bustling areas such as JBR, Dubai Marina & Downtown. These properties are ideal for long-term rentals, offering a secure and stable source of income. Located in well-maintained buildings that are part of thriving communities with great connectivity, growth assets have no trouble attracting high-quality tenants. The consistent rental income, combined with the long-term potential for capital gains, makes growth assets a savvy investment choice. The majority of the returns realized will be due to capital appreciation.

What you should consider: Such assets come with bigger ticket sizes (AED 700k-1.5m) and the majority of overall return is tied to capital appreciation, while the annual yield will be lower.

Holiday homes are strategically situated in Dubai’s most coveted destinations, including Dubai Marina, JBR, Downtown, and Palm Jumeirah. These prime areas boast exceptional occupancy rates, particularly during peak seasons and holidays, resulting in a consistent flow of rental income that surpasses market standards. The combination of premium location and exceptional asset quality make these properties ideal investments with great potential for long-term capital growth combined with good income potential.

What you should consider: Holiday homes also come with bigger ticket sizes (AED 700k-1.5m) and require additional investments such as furnishing and renovations. It also requires more annual maintenance. . They are also vulnerable to demand shocks and lack of cash flow stability due to seasonality.


Enjoy Quick ROI With Flip

FLIP is a short-term investment strategy where investors buy and renovate properties with the intention of selling them quickly for a profit. Our Flip projects are ideal for investors who are looking for quick returns and are comfortable with taking on higher risks.

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