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SmartCrowd Investment Flow Updates

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SmartCrowd Investment Flow Updates Payment
From now on, you’ll need to top up your wallet before making an investment. This will ensure that the requested investment amount is readily available in your wallet in order to avoid any delays in the funding process.

We’ve done this to prioritize speed and timely dividend payouts. Formerly, the platform would allocate shares to individuals without them immediately transferring funds, causing delays that held up the entire process. We know this may be a change for some of our users, but our new investment flow will ultimately be a more efficient way for you to deploy capital and start earning dividends faster on our platform!

SmartCrowd Investment Flow Updates Payment

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SmartCrowd Investment Flow Updates popup
SmartCrowd Investment Flow Updates popup

Wait, There's More...

Previously, when you made an investment on the platform, the Purchase Cost and Transaction Cost were calculated on top of the specified Investment Amount, often leading to confusion, but that is no longer the case!
Now, if you choose to deposit a specific amount, then the total deposit amount you see will automatically include the Investment Amount along with all associated Investment Costs.
So, pay attention to the total cost, as this is the amount you will need to transfer. Please keep in mind that we issue investors shares in 100 share slots, which round to the nearest share slot. This may result in a slightly different total cost than your initial intended investment amount.

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information on our new investment flow: