SmartCrowd's 2021 Inaugural Real Estate Market Report

Your comprehensive guide to the Dubai residential property market in 2021

The H1 2021 Report highlights the following:

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding is Fuelling Property Market Growth

Dubai’s real estate market is made up of many micro-markets across a number of areas. One of the advantages of real estate investing via crowdfunding platforms like SmartCrowd is that it enables investors to diversify their portfolios – as they can spread investments over a number of areas and follow the overall market trend rather than risking it all on a single property.

Crowdfunding properties can help to further stimulate the market and support developers with their sales efforts. Investor sentiment is returning, and personal finances are beginning to recover too. While investing in an entire property in Dubai might still be out of reach for some, investment via crowdfunding allows people to take a fraction of a property from as little as AED 2,000. Crowdfunding in real estate is exponentially gaining momentum and has the potential to be a major catalyst for growth in the region’s property market.

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