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At SmartCrowd, we typically find a property first and then put it on the platform to raise funds. This model works really well, but we can do better if we can gather interest from our investors first and then target specific properties. This way, you can get better deals and potentially healthier returns – a lot sooner.

Benefits of investing in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is as synonymous with the UAE as is Dubai and Burj Al Arab. Together, the islands form the shape of a palm tree and are iconic across the globe. The Palm is one of the top hospitality and leisure destinations in the Emirate and is also home to prime residential buildings and villas. Boasting beaches all around, The Palm is one of the most sought-after and popular locations for real estate investors looking to add prime residential assets in their portfolio. The archipelago is off of Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s primary highway and it’s also well connected to public transportation, including the metro and the Dubai tram.

Benefits of investing in JVC

Over the past few years, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) has been one of the mosttransacted areas in all of Dubai, both in off-plan and share transfers. Thearea’s population has also increased substantially as new supply has beencompleted and handed over. As one of the most affordable new areas in the city,it’s popular among residents looking for high-quality and affordable living spaces.- as well as investors looking to capture high returns.

Benefits of investing in Dubai Marina

Rental income is only one part of the return you should look at when evaluating realestate investment opportunities – always consider capital appreciation. From a supplyperspective, there is extremely limited expected supply in Dubai Marina over the next fewyears.Dubai Marina prices have plenty of room to grow and the area has proven to be resilient tothe rest of the market when it comes to price fluctuations. Dubai Marina Prices peaked in2014 at AED 1,734 PSF, experiencing a 80% increase from the 2010/2011 bottom.

Benefits of investing in Downtown Dubai

As per Bayut’s 2020 Market Report, Downtown Dubai is among the most popularareas in Dubai to purchase apartments. The area is home to over 12,888residential units, primarily consisting of high-end apartments equipped withstate-of-the-art amenities. The Downtown area is the perfect option for thosewho want to live near a location full of life and close to business hubs.Downtown has consistently been a part of the top 5 most transacted (sale &purchase deals) areas in Dubai – primarily because of its close proximity tomajor business and commercial hubs, tourist attractions, easy access to majorroads and public transportation.

Prefer to read? Here’s the video transcript:

You’ve probably heard this a gazillion times, but Warren Buffet is notorious for eliminating emotions from his investment decisions. Time and time again, the man has shown us exactly how he builds his wealth. He takes advantage of his capital to access lucrative deals and waits for the market to bounce back so he can sell high and make a decent return. We know, you’re probably thinking – that’s Warren Buffet – he’s got enough cash and time to sit on an opportunity – but people like you and me… we can’t do that!

If I have $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 to invest. How could I possibly take advantage like the wealthy?
But what if we COULD actually invest like Buffet? What if WE could invest in $1m opportunities with only $10K? Is that even possible? Well – Now it is.

SmartCrowd is introducing SmartCrowd Plus, a newer way to invest in real estate through crowdfunding in the MENA region.

Imagine 100 people like you and me – you’ve each got $10,000 saved up and are looking for opportunities to make your money work for you. If you invest on your own, your options are limited.

But… if all of you came together… all of a sudden, you’re purchasing power will skyrocket from $10,000 individually to $1,000,000 collectively.

“But, hold on a sec, isn’t that what SmartCrowd already does? How’s SmartCrowd Plus any different?”

That’s an excellent question! We want to give you more power and control over your investments!

At SmartCrowd, we typically find a property first and then put it on the platform to raise funds. This model works really well, but we can do better if we can gather interest from our investors first and then target specific properties. This way, you can get better deals and potentially healthier returns – a lot sooner.

Now why is that?

3 main reasons for launching SmartCrowd Plus:

1. It’s a seller’s market: there are many buyers in the market and limited quality assets, so we’re competing with other buyers and investors. By knowing what our investors want (that is you), we can be more focused and aggressive with the sellers to secure the right deal, and more importantly at the right price.

2. More options that work for you: we spend a lot of time filtering through the opportunities to present to you. We take that part very seriously. Hence, you only see a few opportunities in a given month. By knowing what our investors want, we can focus on the right areas and assets and present more options that suit your interest as well as portfolio.

3. Quicker funding, meaning faster returns: by focusing on properties and assets that majority of our investors want, we can identify properties and get them funded much quicker – ensuring your returns start sooner. Having your interest first-hand also allows us to be more aggressive with the sellers to ensure we get the good price.

So how does SmartCrowd Plus work?

It’s simple. Log on to our platform and look for the SmartCrowd Plus tag on our investment cards. With SmartCrowd Plus, you’re choosing a particular area that you want to invest in before we narrow down on a single property.

Register your interest by pre-ordering. This will inform us what you want – allowing us to find the best investment deal in that particular area. After the property has been identified and selected, you get to decide whether you would like to proceed with your investment.
0 commitments. 0 fees. To You. Giving you all the power to decide what you want to invest and how much you want to invest!

SmartCrowd Plus is based on three distinct investment strategies depending on your goals.
a) Affordable housing – an approach focused on income generation
b) Mid-market housing – a balanced approach to income generation and capital appreciation potential
c) Prime housing – an approach focused on capital preservation and higher potential capital appreciation prospect

SmartCrowd Plus is the only smart way to invest in real estate. So don’t let this opportunity slip by. Sign up for free and register your interest!