Own a Danube Property for just

AED 500!

SmartCrowd is excited to launch Direct, a new product that allows you to purchase real estate investments directly from top real estate developers at affordable prices! To kick off Direct, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Danube Properties, one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers.

Why Danube Properties?

Danube Properties is a Dubai-based real estate developer that builds high-quality properties at affordable prices, making its residential units the perfect location for end-users and tenants.

Did you know?

That most of the people that live in properties developed by Danube are homeowners

Why does this matter?

Think about it. By purchasing an investment property in neighborhoods where most of the residents are owners, you can have peace of mind knowing that Danube’s residential communities will be maintained to a high standard to preserve and grow your capital. With their focus toward high-quality and affordable living, Danube targets up and coming areas with potential, making their properties an attractive investment particulary for those with a long-term perspective

And incase you didn't know...

Danube Properties is part of the Danube Group which has presence across 9 countries and a workforce over 2500 professionals!

How does SmartCrowd Direct work?

It’s simple. SmartCrowd Direct works like all regular investments on the SmartCrowd platform. Investors simply need to invest for as low as AED 500 (approximately $1,495) and purchase their shares directly in a property of their choosing.

Advantages of Buying Direct

  • You can get competitive prices directly from developers
  • Elimination of brokerage fees and therefore reduction of overall transaction costs
  • All Direct properties on SmartCrowd are also vetted using the same rigorous pre-screening criteria
Creating your own personal real estate investments portfolio has never been easier. SmartCrowd is the region’s most affordable way to get on the property ladder and start earning a second income.

Until our first SmartCrowd Direct property goes LIVE!

Don’t miss out! Make sure to register and fund your SmartCrowd wallet to avoid missing out on Danube’s first SmartCrowd Direct property on the SmartCrowd platform. Limited Supply only.