Are you ready for Smart Hour?!

For 2 hours, invest with just AED 1,000

We’re giving SmartCrowd members the opportunity to invest in any property for AED 1,000 on March 18th between 2pm – 4pm (GMT +4). During those 2 hours, we’ll also be running a live session on Zoom with Siddiq (Founder & CEO) and other colleagues to answer all questions related to SmartCrowd and real estate investing. This is your chance to drop in, listen to questions posed by other members, and discuss our latest investment opportunities on the platform. We’re running Smart Hour just for these 2 hours, so make sure you don’t miss out. 

Why you don't want to miss Smart Hour

We believe in sensible investing and the power of diversification. We help individuals build their wealth through income-generating investment properties starting at AED 500 (well, typically). With SmartCrowd you can rest easy knowing that we’re financially regulated and don’t use any debt to structure your property investments. That means less risk, more security, and more peace of mind for you. We’re proud to announce that over the last 12 months, we’ve had more than 60% of investors reinvest and build their property portfolios, with multiple time investors typically investing more capital with higher frequency.

But getting started is the difficult part.  

SmartCrowd is the region’s first provider of investment properties via a regulated platform and we want to help more people work towards creating long-term sustainable wealth. That’s why for 2 hours on March 18th, we’re dropping our minimum from AED 500 to AED 1,000. We’re confident that once you experience investing with SmartCrowd, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

How can you compound your earnings with SmartCrowd?

By reinvesting your dividends! If you’re earning rental income from your investments, the next best thing is to reinvest so that your money can work overtime for you. The longer you stick to this habit, the more you’re going to earn.

Tune in live on March 18th by clicking the link above between 2pm – 4pm (GMT +4) and take advantage of investing in any investment property for just AED 1,000. 

Note: only members who complete their registration are eligible to invest.