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Struggling to sell your property? Worry Not! Now with the Middle East’s 1st and largest property investment platform, you can easily sell your property at once to not just one, but hundreds of investors!


Total Users

AED 30M+

Value of Properties Funded

AED 1.6M+

Total Rental Income Earned


Total Funded Properties

Find Out How We Make It Happen

Step 01

We source, screen, and verify properties using a 100-point proprietary screening tool to offer you only the best opportunities. To provide an extra layer of comfort, we use a 3rd party valuator to back up our assessment.

Step 02

Once the property is 100% funded, we create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the Dubai International Financial Centre, for the selected property where you along with your fellow investors become official owners of that SPV.

Step 03

Rental income proportional to your investment is transferred to your digital wallet where you can reinvest or withdraw your balance anytime. Rental returns are usually distributed based on the terms of the tenancy contract.

Step 04

Although the recommended holding period for real estate investments is 5 years, you can exit your investment anytime by either listing your shares in the share transfer or calling in a vote for selling the property.

Hassle-Free Investing

own dubai property - smartcrowd

With SmartCrowd, the entire process is digital. Making your investment journey convenient, transparent and efficient.

Once you make your investment, you can sit back and relax while the property gets quickly funded (typically within 7 days) and earn the expected returns on time. Our client relations team is always available to address all your inquiries.

own dubai property - smartcrowd
dubai property investing - smartcrowd

Smooth Exit Process

dubai property investing - smartcrowd

There is no lock-in period. Although we recommend a holding period 5 years, investors are free to exit the property at any point in time.

You have two options: calling in a vote amongst your fellow investors to sell the property on the market or listing your shares on our share transfer for others to purchase.