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SmartCrowd is MENA’s first and largest real estate investments platform, allowing individuals to invest in prime properties through its digital platform for as low as AED 500 using its crowdfunding model. With SmartCrowd, the entire process is digital. Making your investment journey convenient, transparent and efficient.

SmartCrowd Social

SmartCrowd Social allows you to invest in a property with your own private group of people! Whether it’s your family members, close friends, or even your co-workers, you get to collectively own real estate in Dubai and jump on the property ladder with people you know!

SmartCrowd Premium

SmartCrowd Premium is the easiest & most convenient way of investing in prime Dubai properties for those who are looking to invest more than AED 200,000. From Access to exclusively sourced offline opportunities, to tailored portfolio management services done by experts, SmartCrowd Premium offers it all.

SmartCrowd Direct

SmartCrowd Direct helps you navigate the world of real estate. Offering the active returns with passive investing. We help you build your real estate portfolio hassle-free. Same quality service and convenience as SmartCrowd but you own the full asset!