Micheal Mikdah

I’m a savvy business entrepreneur, marketing maven, and tech geek, who enjoys developing platforms and curating harmonious global teams. A natural people engager, I have a passion for developing talent and building platforms. M

– Michael Makdah

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What is The Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program is a rewards program we designed to thank some of our most active investors that not only take the time to give us continuous feedback, but also take it upon themselves to evangalise the product with other investors or new clients.

Who can be an Ambassador?

  • An investor that has volunteered to evangelise SmartCrowd to other potential investors, by voicing their experience and recommending us to potential investors.
  • Someone who has direct connection with other potential investors that are requesting to talk to one of our current investors.
  • An investor that has made multiple investments with SmartCrowd and has seen (and understands) the value in our offering.
  • Someone who takes the time to create videos, appear at our events and use social media to help with awareness
  • Community leaders in SmartCrowd Community Forum

Benefits of The Ambassador Program

  • Ambassadors will receive a referral bonus for every client who invests after having interacted with an ambassador whether the client is sourced by the ambassador or not. The higher of AED 350 or 5% of the investment amount will be credit to your wallet!

  • Early access to new features and the ability to provide input on the features that may guide it their development

  • As an ambassador you will also be able to be a moderator on our commnnity forum. There you will earn points that can later be exchanged for credits towards your next investment

How SmartCrowd Will Support you

  • We will support you at every stage of your work with us. This support can be live support from us, promotional material and any training you may need
  • A custom landing page built for you to input the data of clients you interacted with
  • You will have a direct access to SmartCrowd employees to help you when you need it
  • We will set up a monthly meeting to discuss the points above

Thank you for being an Ambassador 😄