Conflicts Of Interest

​Clients should be aware of potential conflict of interest while investing via the Smart Crowd Platform. In the initial phase, many of the real estate activities, such as brokerage and property management will be handled by ERE Homes.

ERE Homes is a commercial real estate services provider located in Dubai. ERE Homes is 100% owned by a director and key shareholder of SmartCrowd. ERE Homes performs the functions of Property Manager, Broker and property identifier on behalf of the SmartCrowd platform. ERE Homes will receive a fee for their services, from SmartCrowd.There will be not additional charges to customers and these fees will be covered by Smart Crowd from the fees it charges to end users. This arrangement could potentially create conflict of interest.

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  • We disclose the conflict to our client’s.
  • We disclose fees to be paid to property managers and brokers including ERE Homes on the property profile page.
  • Prior to a property being listed on the SmartCrowd platform, a due diligence report will be undertaken. The due diligence report and property will then be assessed by the Directors of SmartCrowd and must be approved for listing. In cases where the property has been introduced by ERE Homes, the director who is the owner of ERE Homes will abstain from being part of the approval process and the approval for listing must be by unanimous voting of the other 2 directors.