MAG Lifestyle Development Joins Forces with SmartCrowd

MAG 5 Dubai South

Expected Net Yield: Above Market
Minimum Investment: AED 500

MAG Lifestyle Development is now offering investment properties in MAG 5 Dubai South exclusively for SmartCrowd members starting at only AED 500!

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Five Reasons to Invest in MAG 5 Dubai South

Located in Dubai South MAG 5 is an attractive green residential area, built in close proximity to ‘Expo 2020’, Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai Parks & resorts, the green belt, and ‘Operation 300’.

Exceptional residential community living with 13 buildings at affordable prices.It is surrounded by various facilities like the new metro line, dedicated jogging tracks, cycling tracks, swimming pools, playgrounds for children,and retail centers.

Built for the future. Dubai South is an emerging city built to support 1 million residents and create 500,000 jobs. Billions of dollars are being invested by the Dubai & UAE Governments to develop the area around Expo 2020 site.

Supply in Mag 5 peaked in 2019. With limited expected supply to enter the market, any future developments will likely be priced at a higher premium.

Highly ranked location for villa, townhouse and apartment sales, indicating high popularity in the market.

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