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invest in dubai real estate with smartcrowd

What are Instant Returns?

invest in dubai real estate with smartcrowd

We know all too well that investing is a long game and that one shouldn’t expect instant returns. However, at SmartCrowd, we like to make things happen.

‘Instant Returns’ means that you start earning from the moment you invest, regardless of whether the property is fully funded or not. Properties with the ‘Instant Returns’ tag are operational, meaning they are currently rented out and generating returns.

How Does It Work?

We have structured a deal with the property’s seller so that you see returns as soon as you invest in the property. That’s right, no more waiting for the property to get funded, no more waiting for SPV registration, and no more waiting in limbo.

How Will I Receive My Returns?

Step 01

Browse and select the ‘Instant Returns’ labeled property that you would like to invest in on SmartCrowd.

Step 02

Specify the investment amount, and complete the payment towards your investment.

Step 03

Sit back, relax & let us do the rest. You will be paid the Instant Returns on the nearest Dividend Day.


On the 20th of June 2022, Salma invested AED 20,000 on an AED 1,000,000 property with a 10% net yield. She will receive her first dividends on the 12th of July, 2022 proportionate from the date of investment (June 20th), and on the 12th of each subsequent month.