How To Make Your First Investment With SmartCrowd?

Using SmartCrowd, you can become a property investor in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is apply the following four steps:
  1. Set Up Your Free Account: Simply head to the signup button to fill in your details. Make sure you upload the required KYC documents to become fully registered.
  2. Browse Through Properties: You can view various investment opportunities on our platform that are carefully vetted by our specialized team.
  3. Choose The Property (or Properties): After learning about all the information related to the property or properties selected, you are now ready to invest.
  4. Specify Investment Amount: You can invest with as low as AED 500 by either funding your wallet in advance or making an investment directly on the selected property.
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Yes. You have 100% control over your investment decisions. SmartCrowd only provides you with a marketplace of select, and pre-analyzed options to choose from.

SmartCrowd lists property details, including property amenities, financial data, market data, and real-time property valuation powered by an independent third party to assist you in your decision-making.

SmartCrowd does not provide any advice or recommendation. You decide how much and in which property you want to invest in. 

You may exercise your right to withdraw from an investment up to 48 hours (“cooling off period”) from the date of the Property reaching its full funding target by notice on the Platform, emailing us at [email protected]

If you exercise your withdrawal right above, you will be entitled to withdraw the Investment Amount from the client money account subject to completion of know your customer and anti-money laundering processes.

We don’t expect investors to make further capital contributions. Gross rents funds all costs including bills and fees. Property insurance mitigates the risk of catastrophic damage, such as flood or fire.

In each investment opportunity, SmartCrowd limits maximum ownership to 24.99% to ensure no individual owns a majority interest.

However, the total amount that a user can invest in the platform, depends on the type of investor you are. There are two types of investors, retail investors and professional investors.