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As people who believe in the power of communication, we at SmartCrowd held an interactive presentation at the DIFC Fintech Hive on 24th September 2019. Our speakers were our trusty Heady of Client relations, Ammar Malhi and our Head of Business Development, Hassan Sheikh. Both of them gave light-hearted introductions, making the audience familiar with themselves, personalities, backgrounds and their story, before getting into the main focus of the event.
The main focus was to educate our audience with regards to their long-term financial planning, goals and aspirations. We often ask our attendees questions such as “Why are you saving?”, “How long can you save?”, “How much risk can you handle?” This is merely to familiarise them with the concept of long-term thinking in terms of investment planning.
The event covered a range of topics such as promoting the concept of planning, educating the crowd about the real estate sector over others and why fractional real estate would be beneficial, rather than a whole apartment. We sincerely hope that we were able to empower the aspiring minds of our attendees to make the right financial decisions for themselves and we definitely hope to see some of you again!

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