How to get rid of your fear of investment

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How to get rid of your fear of investment

The real key towards getting rid of your fear of investment is using a simple approach and starting early. Starting early not only means that you’ll be able to learn about the market quickly, but it’ll buy you more time to see the returns from these investments.
There have been dramatic and diverse changes in Dubai’s economy, considering the last three decades. With world-class infrastructure, which is continually under development, it has become an important business center with a dynamic economy. The steady growth in the industry, finance, and trade have helped the economy to bring about avid amounts of economic expansion and diversification.
Financial Education
Andy Tanner, a renowned paper assets expert – loves investing in Real Estate.
In a podcast called “The Weekly Cashflow Challenge,” Tanner educates individuals about the concept of cash flow, asset building and how to make the most of your income. This will not only teach you in terms of what is going in and out of your pocket but also educate you in terms of knowing which investments work. Investing is only gambling or risky when you don’t know what you’re doing.
Fear of risk comes from lack of control; they go hand in hand with each other. Financial education will allow you to attain more control over your investments and will enable you to not only reduce but spread out the risk that comes from it. He then adds that there is a process when it comes to dealing with the fear of initiating investment. The first one is a time commitment. This time commitment is not only the time you will need to take to educate yourself, but the patience you may have to maintain after your first few investments in terms of availing the returns.
Consistency is another aspect that will serve you drastically when it comes to investing as it will help you build a decent portfolio over some time. The last one would be enjoying the process. The process of learning with each action that you produce. Andy explains that one of the best ways to tackle a loss is learning from it, and repeating the process over again consistently while enjoying the results at the same time. It all comes down to what you make of it up in your mind. It will settle to be a wonderfully positive experience if that is what you believe it is, and you will experience joy with the smallest of returns. If this is not the case, you may as well not be satisfied with anything at all, drop the idea entirely and face quite the slump – which we would never want anyone to experience.
If you find this to be a risky time to invest in Dubai, your financial education will be seen, loudly echoing in the background,
“THE WISEST RULE in investment is: when others are selling, buy. When others are buying, sell.”
- Johnathon Sacks
Creating a long term plan
One of the most practical ways to tackle fear would be to lay out a plan beforehand. Spontaneous investments can sometimes be challenging to deal with for someone who might be purchasing a property for the first time. This is precisely why Crowdfunding was created for real estate – so that investments could seem less intimidating and so that portfolio diversification could be promoted to spread out the risks, so if one share of the property fails to offer you with sufficient returns, you still have the other shares to look forward to. How your investments will look like and what you want to invest in should be made clear in this plan.
Realizing that the first step is always the hardest, is another fundamental aspect with regards to planning. Once your first step has been accomplished, you deserve a massive pat on the back, but also further motivation to stick to your long-term financial goals, as the first step is merely the beginning.

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