Things you can do in Dubai, Winter Edition

The transitions of winter in Dubai between October to March, bring several opportunities for people to visit Dubai. Moreover, it brings in a more relaxed experience, since the weather is equally relaxed, and its almost like one would be spoilt for choice with the amount of options winter can bring. Here are a few things you can do in Dubai, Winter Edition!

The Creek 

Since the temperatures are down, it is an immensely exciting option to head out to explore the oldest parts of the City as it is one of the most popular activities. It would be wonderful to do at any time of the year, but at this time, you wouldn’t have to worry about draining in harsh sunlight or humid conditions.

Riding the Dh1 Abras across the creek might possibly be one of the most fun things in itself. Additionally, there are newer attractions that glorify this experience further, such as travelling along the old creek to Business Bay right along the Dubai Water Canal. The attractions of the old part of town include Dubai Museum in the Al Fahifi Fort and the Arabian Teahouse.

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The Beach

If chilling by the beach isn’t on your list for things to do in Dubai, you might have to reevaluate it! There are marvellous beaches especially for families in Dubai Marina and by the Jumeirah Beach Residences, but just as many private ones where you can enjoy extensive drink menus and lounge freely into the night. The weather, all in all, makes the experience a lot more wholesome and less tedious.

Dubai Shopping Festival

You know its winter in Dubai when the Dubai Shopping Festival begins and the shopping craze is at its height. Running from December to January, the month-long festival usually offers captivating deals to attract customers from all around the world and if you have any big purchases to make, this is the prime time. Discounts up to 75% are common across several stores, starting from casual to high-end designer brands in demand!

Ski Dubai

Of course, considering the nature of the city’s location and usual temperatures, we usually never experience snow. If that is your true definition of winter, Ski Dubai might be an optimal choice for you. Commonly, temperatures on a Sunny winter day would be at 25 degrees, on an average level, while the temperatures at Ski Dubai are controlled up to -1 or -2 degrees on average. 

Celebrate Christmas in Dubai

Although UAE is a Muslim country, Christmas celebrations are still quite prevalent throughout the winter as hotels, malls and markets all celebrate the auspicious holiday. Additionally, the festivities are evident all around in places like City Walk and Marina, where Christmas decorations and the smell of gingerbread tickle at your senses. The large Christmas trees around several malls all signify how much we truly enjoy celebrating the season and holiday of joy.

Celebrate New Year’s in Dubai

Dubai is known for some of the most glitzy activities during the New Year. The grandeur parties and the light of the parties; fireworks, are surely not to be missed during the New Year celebrations in the city. Some of the biggest activities are focused around Burj Khalifah, the tallest building in the world, lighting up immensely with lights and fireworks. Along with Burj Khalifah, the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm also hold events along with a large display of fireworks. All of the events allow free access, but the one thing you would need to be worried about is the haphazard traffic and roadblocks. Our advice, plan your trip wisely! 

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