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In a city known for its luxurious parties and extravagant lifestyles, there has been a surprising trend as of late in Dubai. It seems that families and individuals across the city have been taking their finances more seriously, and looking to cut back on big expenses. While parents are looking to reduce school fees and commuters are ditching the expensive car hires for the cheap and cheerful metro, the one sector where this new push for savings is most apparent is the real estate market. As rent prices fall dramatically in some areas and rise in others, renters are jumping ship on their high-cost high rises and, in many cases, saving a bundle. While some may be putting this extra savings into existing debts, many Dubai residents are pocketing their cash away for a rainy day.

Savvy savers, however, know that one could turn blue in the face waiting for a rainy day in Dubai, and are looking to make their nest eggs work for them, not just collect dust in a low interest savings account. They know that smartly allocated savings today could snowball into a huge win in the future, perhaps funding a child’s university education or taking years off an expected date of retirement.

Making your savings work for you through investments is like finding free money. Imagine the small thrill you feel when finding a hidden 200 dirham bill in your trouser pocket while doing laundry – now imagine the excitement when finding a few thousand AEDs regularly

Real estate has long been a reliable investment tool, but a small savings from a lifestyle restructure may not be enough to go out and purchase a full investment property. Thankfully, crowdfunding allows savers to invest smaller amounts in real estate, skirting the hassle and huge upfront capital costs of purchasing a full property. Crowdfunding real estate platforms such as allow buyers to invest a small amount and see returns on their investments almost immediately.

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding!?

With a group of individuals investing in one property, all of the costs and all of the risks are reduced. Once returns start rolling in, you can start saving for your next investment, potentially turning your small savings into big money. If you are one of the many in Dubai looking to restructure your savings, don’t let your money just sit around doing nothing for you. Invest with and start turning your savings into an investment portfolio that will pay off for years to come.

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