Breaking Down The Mental Barriers To Dubai Property Investing

There is no avoiding it – purchasing property for investment can be stressful. From identifying a location that will be popular for renters, to the upfront costs of actually purchasing the property, and then the cost and risk of maintaining your purchase, you might be inclined to give up before you have even begun. Factor in that 1 in 3 UAE expats are worried about their financial future, it is likely you are experiencing what can only be described as a “mental barrier” to taking on investment risks.

These feelings are amplified if you are coming from a long-established market like the US, UK or Europe. You might feel that investments at home come with lower risks and regulations established around consumer rights.

Still, there is a great deal of motivation to be involved in the regional property market this year. It is a buyer’s market, and property prices have fallen 10 to 20 per cent across locations. With Expo 2020 on the horizon and construction projects popping up all over the country, investing in property now could mean a huge payoff in the future. If you have the desire to invest in rental properties in Dubai, but are simply unsure, you are in good company – 1 in 3 UAE expats are motivated to make investments, but don’t know the right options.

The solution to the anxiety that comes with investing in rental properties in the UAE is crowdfunding. Groups of people are coming together on platforms like Dubai’s Smart Crowd to break into Dubai’s lucrative property market without the stress. With crowdfunding, potential buyers are able to access the rental market for investments starting at AED 20,000. By spreading the investment across a group of people, each individual investor takes on a less risk, alleviating much of the stress that goes along with maintaining, securing and renting a property. 

The benefits with crowdfunding your property investment are outstanding. You will be able to jump into the Dubai property market at a time when prices are low and potential is high. It is easy to get started with a crowdfunding platform and, in Dubai, crowdfunding  is both regulated and secure. 

If you want to take advantage of this buyer-friendly Dubai property market but are losing sleep over the potential risks, crowdfunding could be an excellent alternative solution. With a low cost to entry, mitigated investment risks and a high potential for lucrative returns, with crowdfunding you can both cash in on real estate opportunities and rest easy.

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