Are you greedy for wanting money?

Are you ambitious or greedy for wanting more money?

“The difference between greed and ambition is a greedy person desires things he isn’t prepared to work for”
Habeeb Akande
Assuredly, there has been a distinct preconception about the rich. It is either that they are greedy beyond belief, or merely insensitive to another person’s needs – in other words; people classify them to be selfish. The people who have built up a decent amount of wealth have done it over a long period. They struggle to balance their lifestyle with the fact that they also need to build a future alongside their expenses. We would be lying to ourselves if we said that we have never hoped or for earning a large sum of money to fulfil some of our dreams. Wishing for something does not make you greedy; in fact, it makes you ambitious. When you wish for a good future ahead of you, the goals you set for yourself require you to accomplish certain things so you can finally get there. Even if the planning is frantic and all sorts of excited, driven by adrenaline when it comes to visualizing your dream, it still makes you take action. The strong ambition would then attract motivation. When others see this kind of ambition and growing motivation, they go on to naming this ambition as greed and will start perceiving you as a greedy person.Realistically, money doesn’t create who you are. It can be the tool to underline who you are as a person, as an individual. The intention behind your earnings is what drives the reason WHY you need the money, or why you would like to build a better income for yourself. If your purpose is to create a long term wealth which can last you and your family without having to struggle in the future, this isn’t greed at all. This is probably the most practical way to live your life.You should certainly not feel bad for wanting to earn and create opportunities for yourself, whether it is with regards to your career or investment. If you make money with something good in mind, then it will help you with what you had in mind. If you earn money with something sketchy in mind, it will become a tool that feeds into that particular thought process.
When you can’t take care of yourself, it is beyond impossible to take care of others in the process of doing so. When you take care of yourself, earn, work towards improving your potential, it something that doesn’t even come close to greed. This is what greedy actually looks like:
When you get blinded by money, eventually forgetting the value of those around you and the people who are important to you. Greed becomes evident when you solely think about acquiring more and more money — with no intention to make that money work in a way that it is helping others. You CAN want money without being greedy, and we are here to reaffirm that wanting more money does NOT make you greedy. As long as you remember that money can be a vital tool that can be used to help yourself and others in the long run, wanting to have more of it is perfectly sane.
With this in mind, don’t be afraid to save. It is your future and something that you need to look after. It is not someone else’s business to interfere with the kind of goals you have based on your personal challenges or beliefs. The best thing would be not only saving alone but investing, even if it is in the smallest amounts. The way your money will initiate a process where you earn from your investments will help you secure yourself even further than just having a successful career or a job.

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