A Millenial’s Perspective on Innovation in the MENA region

Today is probably going to be a different kind of blog-post than most days. Most days, I write about things that aren’t exactly related to me on a close level. The most personal thing you might have seen from me is an article that I shared on Medium. This time, I’m going to journal my take on the innovation that SmartCrowd is creating in the MENA Region from a millennial’s perspective. I’ve been an intern with SmartCrowd for more than two months, and I’m not only here to talk about my process and background, but there are a tenfold of things that SmartCrowd has taught me in the past two months. It’s quite surreal if you ask, the kind of advancement that I’ve had in terms of working with an incredibly supportive team. Truthfully, I heard about SmartCrowd through someone I know. Moreover, I had no idea about what it was, so I came in – doing in my research and watching several videos from their channel and website. I wish I could say I knew about the concept previously. Being fully transparent here, I was only introduced to it when I started doing my readings when I started writing for the team.There are probably several of you that hear about us through word of mouth but don’t latch onto the concept immediately. Realistically, there are way too many businesses trying to sell their product and get through with it, because that’s how they make money, right? I think this might be one of the first times that I might have seen the “aim” of a business, not necessarily wanting to make money. Of course, that is ONE of the aims since it is a business, but one of the primary goals of the company is to educate people. We have all these crazy ideas to educate people, but some people find finance incredibly dull, which is why we try to be as friendly as possible.
From what I’ve learned out of being such a close part of the team, there are tons of pain-points when it first came to the idea of SmartCrowd and crowdfunding within the Real Estate sector. First off, there is this preconceived notion about Real Estate. Think about the first thing that occurs to you when you think about it. For me, it has always been “Real Estate? Not for me, not for us because our family can’t afford it, not in Dubai at least.” Because I’m 20 years old, I’ve never actually thought about “investments” in such a strict sense.
The amount of time it takes for someone like me to thoroughly learn about the idea of investing, let alone crowdfunding, can be quite the curve. While there is a distinct learning curve with this kind of product, the amount of gain it can bring to an individual and society at large might be remarkable. With so much flexibility and accessibility, it could even convince me to invest.
The aim and idea, for me, have been much needed in the market. Reasonably, only the rich have been able to take advantage of its perks previously. Not only does SmartCrowd make it easier to invest due to fractional offerings, but also has prevetted properties on their platform. As of now, a 100-point system is being used to assess properties to make sure only the quality properties can make their way onto the platform. In more clarity, the properties that offer the most attractive returns to you as an investor are what you see on the platform.
The best part about it is that our regulated real estate investments platform, SmartCrowd, helps everyday families and individuals. Those who want to grow their wealth are given easy access to fractional real estate assets while reducing the time, effort and risk involved in investing. You might think that there is a bias involved in this article, but the fact that this innovation can blow up in the region is definite. My aim as a blogger is to write honestly. My morals don’t allow me to write about things that I don’t believe in, even if someone offers me a large sum to write about them.
Truthfully, I haven’t tried SmartCrowd personally since I’m a student and my priority at the moment is my investment in education. However, I am seriously considering to invest with SmartCrowd in the near future because of how easy and accessible it is. Everyone who is a part of team SmartCrowd including our end-users are a part of a much bigger movement – its to break the “only rich get richer” mindset and allow for investable assets to be available to a much bigger population.

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