5 key realities of raising a family in Dubai

“I like Dubai because of the sheer scale on which the city is built. It is completely futuristic but with a warm, old-world ethos.” -Prabhas

According to ExpatWoman, Dubai has been ranked as the 3rd most safe city in the world (by the World Economic Forum, WEF). What does this say about raising a family here? In all honesty, I suppose it does say quite a lot in terms of safety and security. One would definitely want to raise a family in an atmosphere where they find the most amount of safety and security. Though, can that be classified as the complete truth? Is that all that an individual should be thinking when it comes to raising a family in a particular place?
Of course, absolutely not. Although safety is one of the biggest reasons to look for in a place, it is not the only one. There are several other questions and aspects that you should be looking at, your personal quality of life should be the priority and the centre of your decisions.
Personal economic conditions
The first thing you should be looking at is most certainly, your existing economic condition. Does it allow you to expand into a new place, or will it risk a significant loss in your life? Financial experts convey that it can take up to AED 3 million to raise a child here in Dubai. Saving with children can be quite a hassle. However, if you have the resources in order to change the costs according to your living habits, this can be a beyond perfect place for you.
Family-friendly regions
If you’re choosing to relocate to Dubai or moving to a new place in the city, safety isn’t the only factor to consider, especially if you’re looking for a family-friendly area. Dubai is certainly not scarce of family-friendly regions, as it is important for you and your family to form a community into the region, for it to feel more like home. There are several communities areas in Dubai. These include:

  • Arabian Ranches – located on the outskirts of skirts, the quiet space makes it more appealing for families 
  • Mirdif – located slightly closer to the city centre, attracts families from several different nationalities.
  • JLT (Jumeira Lake Towers) – a little bit more affordable than the areas mentioned before, can be easily accessed from Sheikh Zayed road and metro stations.
  • Silicon Oasis – expanding rapidly, accommodating families in an affordable community.

These are only some of many of the communities that are available for you to choose from, there are several other communities that are much more affordable and allows for more saving. The area you choose would be specific to your personal needs.
Income generation
This is an integral part of living in every part of the world, not just living in Dubai. Having a good source of income is absolutely necessary to raise a family. In our single days, we are able to live off with the most minimal things, but with a family, it is mostly a wish to provide them with the best. For this, not only need the income to be good, but you would need to have more than one income source so that your risk isn’t concentrated within just one job. This can be incredibly risky since losing a job can leave you stranded. Even if you have savings, it will only take so much time for the money to run out since there is no money coming into your account. Having that steadiness is important in order to stay prosperous.
“Expat brats?”
Nowadays, parents seem to be worrying about their children or family being labelled as the “expat brats.” The term defines someone who has grown up in another country other than their hometown, for most of their life. If your child or you are raised in Dubai, it just means that you’re raised in Dubai. It doesn’t make a child a brat – unless there is the “too spoilt” element to them.
Children in Dubai grow in a culturally sound environment, where they are surrounded by other kids from different nationalities and races. From the time they start school, Arabic is compulsory and taught to them without fail so that they have a basic foundation by the time they step out of the world of education. There’s so much more to living in Dubai other than the lavish lifestyle, larger than life buildings and restaurants. Most children growing up in Dubai become independent, responsible individuals who make an essential impact on the societies in which they live in.
Coping with the weatherThis sounds like something EXTREMELY secondary, and trust me, it absolutely is. However, it is still an important factor to consider since the weather isn’t for everyone. You should consider the fact that Dubai experiences desert type weather with highs of 45 degrees. Most families are able to escape the highs of summer, taking a well-deserved annual summer vacation. It is still possible for families to not be able to afford such vacations, which means children most likely to stay indoors. Most places are well sheltered and air-conditioned including the bus stations as well as metro stations. With people who are used to the weather, they usually know how to combat the heat and make the best out of their life here.
All in all, Dubai is one of the best packages to think about when it comes to raising a family here. With the amount of safety and facilities, it seems that prospering here can bring a whole lot your quality of life. Masalama!

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